Project Relentless is a non-profit organization that focuses on raising awareness about mental health while eliminating the negative stigma that surrounds it. Our goal is simply to start the conversation- and help others understand that mental health requires attention much like physical health does. We believe that by talking about it more in every setting whether it be at home, work, or in schools, we can make quite an impact on this world.

0 million
adults experience mental illness every year.

“We believe that every human brain is a supercomputer, full of limitless potential. From birth, we begin to write the program of who we are. Our environment, our greatest influencers and our experiences shape our programmed truths inside the core processor of our brains. Our values, our integrity, and our character are formed at a very young age based on who taught us and showed us right and wrong. Unfortunately, like physical computers, our brains are not protected from developing viruses and “bugs” that cause malfunctions that can negatively alter the performance of the user. A painful life event, sudden loss, rejection, constant suffering, or overall feelings of inadequacy can all trigger these viruses to invade our supercomputer. We cannot always control everything that is “programmed” into us, but we are in control of how we correct, or reprogram, whatever is causing the dysfunction and interruption of our true self.

Making dramatic changes, replacing bad habits with good ones, reprogramming and repairing your brain is not easy, but it will always be necessary for positive growth. And more importantly, it’s rewarding. Invest in yourself, take care of yourself, and learn to love yourself.”

-Jason R. Wray

"You ARE relentless.
You ARE worthy.
You ARE enough."
Jason R. Wray